Except profinet? what else methods to archive communication

Except profinet, what else methods to achieve communication by Ethernet?
Now I select siemens module cp343-1 lean,unlucky ,It can’t support Profinet controller,So the profinet method can’t achieve.
But I still want use the cp343-1 lean , How should I do?

can I get a example ?

I Find the document “How do you configure a UDP connection for data exchange between S7-300 and/or S7-400 by way of Industrial Ethernet CPs”
See attachment .
Now I can config the udp in siemens, But i don’t know how should i configuration or program in rmctool.

In the deltamotion web download area, there is a RMC Ethernet Demo.
Should i get a udp or tcp example in rmctool?
47885893_UDP_Connection_en.pdf (2.1 MB)