Expanding Plot Manager

We would benefit from a plot manager that would allow not only an oscilloscope type mode but a mode where you can apply different variables or inputs to whatever axis you would like. For instance, have a plot where the displacement is on the x-axis and pressure/force is on the y-axis and the plot updates real-time.


Thanks for the input!

Do you have any suggestions for how to display the newest data? For example, consider an application where a typical 2-dimensional x and y system is moving in a circle. The x-y plot will simply show a straight line segment. It would be nice to see the latest data. Is a dot sufficient?


We don’t typically have that issue here, but when we have to deal with it, we actually change the color of the data being graphed after each cycle and have a legend showing what cycle corresponds to what graph. If you’re doing more than 10 cycles, that may not be a good way to do it. If the graph is going to do more cycles than that and you want to see only the most recent half cycle or most recent data, maybe fade the color of the old data. For example, if the data is being graphed as a black line, you could fade the old data out as gray, so it’s still visible yet the most recent data is being seen in the bolder color. For that matter, you could have the most current data fading into a gray real time (kind of like a comet and its tail). I’m sure the programming for that would be a little more difficult though.

Is the function on the horizon, or are you just gathering information?


Actually, I just realized that we already have a simple VB application using RMCLink that already does an XY plot in real time. We also plan on making a more full-blown C# plot sample that includes XY plots. It certainly would be a nice feature to include in RMCTools, but because we receive such few requests for it, it is not on the horizon at the moment.

See the VB application attached. It does one axis versus another, and I think it only does position axes, but if you have somebody who can do VB programming, it could be expanded to do more axes and pressure as well.

The VB application is ready to run. First install RMCLink. In the attached ziop file, in the 2D Monitor > bin > Release folder, run the executable. After starting the program, just type rmc70.deltamotion.com into the IP Address box, and connect. You will also want to connect to rmc70.deltamotion.com with RMCTools so you can send commands to the axes.

This application was made with VB Express 2008, which is Microsoft’s free development environment.

Does this help?
2-D Monitor.ZIP (472 KB)

We will definitely look into it when we get someone who can dedicate some time towards it. I’ll let you know how we fair when we do tackle it.

Thanks again.

Check this out. I made this video using a soon to be released version of RMCTools
I can expand the plots.


When will that version of RMC Tools be released? That will be a nice feature for sure.

We hope to release the plot zooming by February.