Feature Request

Well I have been working with RMC Tools a lot the last couple of weeks. I have come up with a few things that could help.

I saved my plots to a file then I did it again to the same file name then I did it again. I was doing this thinking that it was putting them all into one file. What I found was it only saved the plots from the last save. I understand this now but it still would be nice to be able to save everything in the tree.

It seems like the plot config is slow when I am connected to the controller. This could be caused by the serial coms. This could go away when I get to the RMC150. It seems very slow when I want to add data sets to the plot. I can type in a number and its not to bad but if I use the up/dwn arrows its very slow update.

It would be good to be able to increase the font size. It can be a little hard to read the positions. Its not too bad for me but I think it could be for others.

I have a hard time finding the Program Configuration Properties. It seems the only way to get to it is to right click on the Program Configuration in the project tree. This is fine but I have a hard time finding it. Every time I want to look at this I end up doing a search in the help file. I think it would be good to have it in the menu somewhere.

Could be nice to download only one program at a time. It is a little slow on the serial port.

That’s about all I can come up with. I did have another good idea of making a way to see the tuning variables you changed from the last trend. Then I found the tuning history in the trend screen.

I’m not sure what we can do to get some more post going here. I’ve been posting links on PLCs.net and we have picked up a few more members. Just got to get them to post.

Thanks for the input! We always appreciate feedback, and we will add these items to our list!
As for the low forum usage, I think the reason is that the forum is not very visible now. We plan on making a Support page (link to from the top bar of the home page) and that page will prominently advertise the forum. This should improve the forum usage. Our web guy is a bit backed up for a while, though.

One more idea that could be nice. When doing an expression (113) if you could add comments into the expression. Maybe a // or a rem. The longer the expressions get the better line comments would be. In the past I always added comments to my nested if statements just showing which endif goes with the if.

Yes, that is something we want, too. By the way, RMCTools version 3.20.0 and firmware 3.20 was released yesterday. It adds the Feed Forward Adjust command (similar to what the RMC100 had), Unidirectional Mode (similar to Absolute mode in the RMC100, but better), and the Curve Start Advanced command, which can be used for doing curves with an Absolute master, and scaling and offsetting a curve or the curve master.

I would like to see the space bar do the underscores when required.

Is the automatic underscore really needed? A couple issues with it are:

  1. It promotes longer tag names which may make tags harder to see in certain boxes, such as command paramters.
  2. The user may not notice that the underscore was automatically inserted when the tag name was created (e.g. My_Tag), and then may not have any idea why the expression isn’t valid when they use the tag with spaces ( e.g. My Tag).

You could also end up with a lot of this My_Tag_:=_0; when I need My_Tag := 0;

I think it would cause more problems then it fixed.

Most of us in the US use AB and they do it. I said when required.
You all might think me stupid but I generally email my programs without need to come fix them.
I am having lots of stress not getting a hold of this software.