Feedback Linearization

Feedback linearization refers to either “straightening” the output of a transducer to make up for its nonlinearity, or calculating the measurement of some point that is geometrically related to the transducer measurement, such as calculating the end of a swing arm based on the position of the cylinder that moves the swing arm.

Feedback linearization can be done using curves or a mathematical formula, by using the Custom Feedback feature. Attached are some example projects that demonstrate this. This involves creating a user program that calculates a custom feedback value each loop time. Therefore, you should make sure that the RMC starts in RUN mode and that the user program will always run.

The attached projects, together with the Feedback Linearization help topics in RMCTools, will get you up and going quickly.

Custom Feedback requires firmware version 3.54.0 or newer.
FeedbackLinearizationWithMathFormula.rmcproj (40.2 KB)
FeedbackLinearizationWithCurves.rmcproj (40.2 KB)