Flashing LED


I am really new to this so please excuse my ignorance. I’m trying to make an LED (Output0) flash on completion of a step in a program. From my understanding I should be able to do this by creating a timer. I’ve followed the steps in the Software manual for this so I:

  1. Created a variable, Time0 (DINT)
  2. Created a step with the following commands:
    Command: Set Discrete Output I/O Point: Output0
    Command: Expression Expression: Time0 := _SysMS
    Link Type: Cnd Jump Link Condition: _SysMS - Time0 >= 999 Jump on True: Repeat Jump on False: Wait

I more or less understand what’s going on here, apart from by setting Time0 = _SysMS, wont _SysMS - Time always equal zero?

Any help appreciated!

You can use a timer, but it would be simpler to just do something like this:

Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry, I should have said I’m trying to get the light to flash continuously (eg. 1 sec on, 1 sec off) until the next program is triggered. From what I understand your suggestion would just flash once after 0.5sec and then turn off?

I see. How about this? The next program would need to make sure to turn off the output.

Perfect! I didn’t realise you could label and call different commands like that. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: