Flying Cutoff

Flying Cutoffs

A flying cutoffs are used to cut material while it is motion. This example program can be using in any application where you need to:

  1. Accelerate to the speed of a line.
  2. Maintain the same speed of the line and perform some work such as cutting, shearing, etc.
  3. Return the working axis back to it initial position to repeat the cycle.

How To
The RMC’c Gear Position (Clutch by Distance) command makes this application easy. Download the FlyingCutoff project to see an example program of how this can be done. The example project is configured to use the RMC75 that Delta has connected to the internet. You can test this project without an RMC! Simply open the project, go online, and download all to the controller. Then you’ll need to start the program StartMaster followed by FlyingCutoff. You can view the cycle in the Plot Manager by trending the plots.

FlyingCutoff.rmcproj (24.7 KB)