Force Limiting in RMC70

Hi, I have an application using an RMC70 that requires force limiting to be applied to curve position movements. Movements in either direction will create a force on the machine that must be limited.

I am using differential pressure sensors, and can only work out how to apply the force limiting in one direction. With movement in the opposite
direction the force limiting is ignored.

I have used RMC’s for position control before, but this is my first time using force control too. Any advice is much appreciated.

We are actually working right now on implementing bidirectional force limiting. What are the force values you need to limit to? Are they the positve and negative of the same value, for example, +1000 and -1000?

Hi Jacob,

Yes, the force values will be the same amount in each direction (equivalent +ve and -ve values)

Doing bidirectional force at the moment is extremely difficult. As I mentioned, our software engineer is working right now on implementing a very easy-to-use bidirectional force control feature which will solve your problem. We will need to test it as well before releasing it, so to may be a week or two or more. What is your time frame? We could possibly send you beta firmware to try.