HMIs or Operator Interfaces

Many HMIs can be used with the RMC. Any HMI that can connect to the following devices can also connect to an RMC:

  • SLC-500 or MicroLogix using DF1 or PCCC or CSP
  • A Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP device

To set up an HMI to communicate with the RMC, set it up to communicate as if it were communicating with one of the devices listed above.

Delta has particular experience with the HMIs listed below. Many other HMIs will also work.

Windows-based HMIs

This HMI includes native support for the RMC75 and RMC150, can upload plots of motion and print plots and include them in reports. See Delta’s example, including a 10-minute video to help you get going:

Hardware-based HMIs

Red Lion G3 Series
This HMI is easy to use, includes powerful scripting capabilities, and can read plots of motion from the RMC. See Delta’s examples:

AutomationDirect C-more
This is a low-cost HMI that is very easy to use. See Delta’s examples:

Beijer X2 pro
This HMI includes some scripting capabilities and can read short plots from the RMC. It’s greatest strength is its robust design that handles tough environments. See Delta’s example:
Beijer (1.3 MB)

Is it possible to use a CMore panel to communicate with the RMC151E while connected and communicating with an Automation Direct PLC?

Yes, the RMC can handle up to 64 simultaneous TCP connections, and the they can be using different protocols.

This might be a more of a question for Automation Direct but have you used the RMC150 series with the cmore panel doing double duty communicating with the RMC controller while at the same time having the cmore panel communicating with the PLC?

I have not, but in the C-more Panel Manager, you can set up multiple ports to communicate with various devices. I assume it works just fine.

Thanks for the insight. I was able to get the cmore to communicate with Delta’s online controllers and a DL05 simultaneously.
This should make the folks at work happy…nothing else to buy:-)

I have had good success with Parker/CTC HMIs running InteractX or Interact Xpress as well as Advantech’s WebOP series of HMIs.

Has the RMC75E and the RMC150E been used with a Mitsubishi GOT1000 (GT1675M-STBA) via Ethernet? If so is there any documentation available?

What options are there to retrieve data from the memory.

I am using POV to send my commands but its retrieving functions are not great.

Im pretty sure I can set the parameters to tell the hardware what to record.
Its just getting the data out is my challenge…

Any ideas…?

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