HOMING using Incremental encoder

I am going to use RMC 75E for first time .My Hardware configuration is QA1 module + AP2 Module for position pressure control. The motion is linear axis with quadrature incremental encoder mounted on a servomotor + Ball Screw.The motor is driven with Yaskawa Servo amplifier.The encoder has Quad + Commutation signal as well and provides 4096 ppr. My Queries are

  1. Do i need to Home each time i run the Test or just once during power up?
    2.How do i home?
    I need to be at Negative Travel Limit which is zero before start of the test.(My Negative Travel Limit =0 and Positive Travel Limit =60 inch).


It is usually sufficient to home once after power up, as long as there is no mechanical slipping in the system.

There are many ways to home. Typically, a proximity switch is wired to the Home input. You first send the Arm Home command to prepare for homing, then move the axis until it turns on the prox switch, and the homing will occur. The Arm Home command has many options, depending on whether you want to look for the rising edge, falling edge, etc.

The Home input is a high-speed input for accurate homing. If you don’t need such precision, you can just use the Set Actual Position command. For example, I have a system where I move the axis in open loop, wait a little bit for the axis to get moving, then wait until the actual velocity gets close to zero (meaning the system ran into the end), then I send the Set Actual Position command to set it the position to zero.

Thanks for the reply.I do need accuracy but do not have proximity switch. In this case how can i do the Homing.

If your encoder has a Z channel and
If you can go open loop retract until you bottom out the cylinder

Then you could use a Home Trigger type of Z and then I would
send a small negative open loop command until the cylinder is fully retracted
Arm the Home with Type Z
send a small open loop positive command until you see the Home Latched bit.

That is probably even more accurate than using a prox switch.