I would like to be able to bind the shortcut set to a series of hotkeys. Specifically I have a laptop with a USB numberpad that I would like to use as a quick dedicated control input. I have tried to use a few hotkey utilities to bind the numberpad input to the correct key strokes, i.e. I have bound cntrl+1 to the numpad 1. Basically the hotkeys appear to function correctly but they don’t actually initiate the RMC shortcuts. Is this functionality possible?

I’ve configured my mouse to type ‘Control+1’ when I press one of the buttons on it, and this works to trigger the shortcut in RMCTools. One thing you might look at is whether RMCTools is the active window when you press the shortcut key. RMCTools must be active for the shortcut key to work. Many hotkey programs have a feature to bring a program the front (sometimes called focus) that you can specify along with a keystroke.