How RMC150 deals with the problem of pressure shock

In the project, I want to use RMC150 as a pressure relief function, in order to reduce the impact, start slowly opening at the beginning stage, and when the pressure reaches a certain value, we will open it quickly and improve the responsiveness of the system.
The difficulty of the system is that every time the pressure value is different before opening, so it is not very suitable to use fixed voltage curve slope. Is there a good way for RMC150 to solve this problem?

There is a actual pressure rate field in the status area but you need to select the all tab at the bottom to see the actual pressure rate.
The actual pressure rate can be used to detect hitting an obstruction. When this happens the pressure rate increases to a high number.
This allows the the controller to go into pressure or force control depending on a pressure level or pressure rate or any combination.
Usually the program uses the actual pressure rate in an equation in a link to go into pressure control at a lower pressure than the set point.
Waiting for the pressure to reach the set point is too late and the pressure will over shoot.

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