Incremental (Quadrature) Encoders

Encoder Requirements
To interface with an RMC motion controller, an incremental encoders must provide the following:

  • 5V differential line driver output(RS-422)
  • A+, A-, B+, B- signals
  • Z+ and Z- signals are optional, and are used if you need to home the axis
  • Higher resolution is usually always better.*

*The only exception is for extremely high rotational speeds. The RMC75E can handle 8 million counts per second (3 million lines/sec) and the RMC150 can handle 4 million (1 million/sec). High speeds may require lower resolution so this maximum is not exceeded.

Example Encoders
Many Delta customers have successfully used the following incremental encoders:

Example Part Number: H25D-F1-SS-4096-ABZC-28V/5-S-M18


Example Part Numbers:

Make sure to select the 5-26V in, 5V Differential Line Driver Out when configuring the encoder part number.

Encoder Products Company

Example Part Number: 15S-19-M1-4096V1RHV-K00


Heidenhain uses the term TTL for its RS-422 incremental quadrature signal. This is compatible with the RMCs.

Notice that many other manufacturers use the term TTL for single-ended signals, which are not compatible with the RMC75.

Leine Linde

Example Part Number:

Make sure to select RS422 as the incremental output.

Sick Stegmann
Example Part Numbers:
DFS60A-S4AK65536 (The DFS60 supports up to 65,356 pulses/rev)

If you will be using the encoder on a rotary axis, specify the resolution as a power of 2 *(e.g. 4096, 8192, 32,768).

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