IOLink Communications

I’m looking to bring data into an RMC70 from an IFM AL1022 via IOLink. i can’t seem to find any information on this.

I can’t find any information on the AL1022. Perhaps there is a typo in that part number? In any case, the IFM I/O modules appear to be slaves on the communication, which requires a master to communicate to them. The RMC is only a slave, not a master, so in general, the RMC cannot communicate to remote I/O modules.

What exactly are you looking to do that requires the IFM module?


The IFM part# was a typo… I’m trying to connect to an AL1120 IOLink Master. Brad Smith of Delta was involved in a test using IFM pressure transmitters thru an IOLink master to provide pressure feedback to a control loop. I don’t know which device he used but he sent me the .rmcproj and .rmcplotx files.

The AL1120 can’t communicate directly with the RMC. You will need a PLC to read the data from the IOLink Master and send it to the RMC. This is how we tested IOLink here at Delta.