Is it possible to plot Jerk?

I have an EMA application with a linear axis where a servo motor is directly driving a ball screw to lift a load. During the predominate portion of this machine’s life, it will be oscillating a load in a sinusoidal fashion.

For purposes of ensuring that I am not exceeding the limits of my ball screw, I’d like to plot the Jerk of the system. Would I accurately represent Jerk by using the Plotting>Advanced>Rate of Change formula on Acceleration?

Peter K

Yes, Jerk is accurately represented by using the Plotting>Advanced>Rate of Change formula on Acceleration. This works very well for the Target. It doesn’t work so well on the Actual, due to the extreme quantization error.


Thanks for the tip about using target acceleration! I hadn’t considered this and it makes a big difference on the result (attached)
Jerk Tar Vs ACT.rmcplots (2.03 MB)

That looks good! I am surprised the actual jerk shows up so cleanly, but looks like the filtering on the actual acceleration is pretty good, which helps a lot.