January 26, 2022 - Using Load Cells with the RMC200

The LC8 input module allows RMC200 users to bring up to eight load cell signals straight into to the motion controller - no signal conditioner or amplifier needed. In this presentation, Delta’s Product Development Manager Jacob Paso gives a brief introduction to the basic theory of load cell operation, and how the LC8 module provides excitation voltage, sense wire correction, and much much more. Live examples include controlling force using load cell feedback, comparing and contrasting load cell vs. differential pressure feedback, and creating a calibration curve using RMCTools’ Custom Feedback feature.

00:00 Introduction
01:03 Load Cell and Strain Gauge basic theory
02:27 Wheatstone Bridges
03:28 Output voltage of Wheatstone Bridge load cells
06:15 Wire Compensation
09:29 LC8 wiring
10:07 Configuring the LC8 in RMCTools
12:10 LC8 use example with live system
12:41 Load Cell vs. Differential Pressure Sensor feedback - example
26:20 Advanced topics: Multi-point calibration, wiring strain gauges, external excitation voltage, minimum input filter frequency