January 28, 2021 - Advanced User Programs

Delta’s Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso explores high-level user program concepts and techniques. A familiarity with RMCTools and the User Program interface will be helpful for following this discussion. A video introduction to RMCTools is available at www.deltamotion.com/education/videos.

01:07 User Programs are a Powerful Tool - video examples
06:30 Motion Programming: Controller or PLC
09:45 Recommended programming approach
11:08 Programming Example - multiple press cylinders
17:13 Assigning User Programs to Tasks
28:05 Continuously Running User Programs
31:37 One Program Managing Other User Programs
35:23 Dealing with a limited number of Tasks (RMC75)
37:13 Commanded Axes Expressions - video example
44:04 Variables
45:45 Troubleshooting User Programs
47:19 The Importance of Documentation
49:38 Q&A with examples

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