July 21, 2021 - Introduction to Feedback Types

An important consideration for optimum system control is the data a motion controller gets, and when it gets that data. In this webinar, David McNichol covesr examples of different transducer types available, as well as the different communication modes they use. There are examples of common problems with transducers and settings. Familiarity with the Plot Manager and the Axis Tools menu will be helpful for viewing this presentation.

00:00 Introduction
02:56 Desired Characteristics
05:25 The Importance of Resolution
10:38 Resolution Required for Differential/Double Differential Gain
12:16 Achieving Ideal Feedback
14:11 Feedback Types - Magnetostrictive
23:43 Magnetostrictive Live Example
26:30 SSI Feedback
33:11 SSI Live Example
35:37 Analog Feedback
39:40 Analog Live Example
42:06 Quadrature Feedback
50:36 Quadrature Live Example
52:45 Conclusion

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