Labview Status function

I am building a user interface in Labview to control an actuator on an RMC75. If I insert the “read status” function from the labview function palette (under data) and then wire an indicator to the status output wire and check the context function, I can see that the output bits do not correspond to the table in the user manual.

For example, in the user manual Version 3.38.0 July 30, 2010, page 721, the table states that “FaultIn” is bit 3. In the labview status function, Fault Input is bit 4.

I want to read the status bits directly as I only want a few of the bits. Should I use the labview table or the table in the manual?


The fault input is actually bit 3, go with what the RMCTools help file says.
I will get the LabVIEW driver updated to show the correct bits.