Leveling Press Gearing Problem

Hey everyone,

I was following along the webinar that talks about leveling presses and gearing the physical axes to a virtual and outer control loop. I have all the code setup exactly as in the video, and am trying to get a simple example to work but am running into some faults. I have 4 cylinders right now that are decoupled from any sort of platen.

I have the custom position and force feedback going to the outer control axis, and have the gearing program that the video uses:

  1. All 4 cylinders are moved to the average of their position, and the virtual axis target position is set as that average.
  2. Once they are all in position, I set the transition rate for each physical axis.
  3. I then gear absolute each cylinder axis to the virtual axis.
  4. Then the virtual axis is velocity geared to the outer control axis.

This program seems to work fine on its own, and I can see all of the cylinders align. The problem is when I try to use that program in a larger program.

The gearing program runs, then the moment I try to quick move absolute ( the example used in the video), I get a ‘following fault’. You can see the event log below right before it happens. I read the documentation for the “Following Error” but don’t fully understand how what I am doing here would trigger it.

Any help would be appreciated!