Link Type End behavior

Does the Link Type End wait for a move in the command to finish before stopping the task? What about any status?

The last step of my program is a Move Absolute (20) with a Link Type of End. Will the move finish before the End stops the task, or should I use a Wait For and then have a last step with no Command and the End?

No, the End link type does not wait. In general, the user program does not wait for motion events or commands unless it is told to. So if you want to wait for a motion command to complete end, you need to use the Wait or Cnd Jump link type and wait for the InPos or TGDone status bit.

Keep in mind that for the axis motion, it makes no difference whether the user program is running or not. The axis will complete its motion command regardless of what the user program does. Axes always do what they are told.

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