March 10, 2021 - All About the Integral Gain

All About The Integral Gain

It is taught in basic lessons about PID control that the Integral gain “winds up” during a commanded move, but what is the purpose of the Integral gain, and how can it be properly used or misused? Delta Motion Product Manager Jacob Paso explores the Integral gain, showing how confusion can lead to frustrating system behavior, and ways that the powerful commands within RMCTools can be set to use different Integral gain behavior.

This session will presume that viewers are familiar with RMCTools - there are a series of free introductory videos on Delta’s website.

00:28 Review of Proportional Gain
03:11 Integral Gain
06:47 RMCTools example: Proportional only, Proportional + Integral
09:11 Adding Feed Forwards
11:25 Acceleration Feed Forward
13:09 Example using Feed Forwards
16:48 Integrator causing overshoot
18:29 Integrator modes with examples
26:26 Hold Position Command: Integrator options with examples
30:22 Transition between Modes with examples
35:45 Trick: Resetting the Ingegrator
44:41 The Integrator in the Quick Move command
49:16 Trick: Deadband tolerance with example
55:25 Integral gain tuning suggestions

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