MathCad and Maxima

hydraulic servo design in math, there There are two software,MathCad and Maxima。

How should i choose?

what’s the different between them?

Peter can you help me.
I see that some your documents about hydraulic motion control,some are using Maxima,Some are using mathcad.
I want to konw the Application in hydraulic motion control.

I said in another thread I wouldn’t buy Mathcad now because it is obsolete and probably not supported by PTC, the company that made Mathcad.
I provided a list of programs to try.

I used Mathcad in this application. … e-research
It required solving many differential equations simultaneously to do the simulation. Scilab may have been better but I already had a simulation that I could modify in Mathcad.
There are no simple answers. You have to understand the physics of hydraulic and be able to do the math it requires.

I believe PTC is still developing Mathcad but they have totally changed the interface and file structure.

The last version I paid for is Mathcad 14.

However, I do use the free version of their new product called PTC MathCAD Prime 3.0 Express

It does all the basics and my main reason for it is the unit conversion capability.
Besides limiting functionality, it does add a footer to all printouts that says: