Matrices in RMC

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to define matrices in RMC tools user programs?

  2. Suppose I have two arrays, array1 and array2, of size 4 x 1 size. I am interested in computing
    array1[0]*array2[0] + array1[1]*array2[1] + … etc. Manually defining this multiplication is hard for large arrays, say of size above 20. Is there any efficient way?

Hi Sharath,

  1. Matrices are not currently supported in RMC Tools.

  2. One way to multiply and add your array variables would be to use the variable table and a user program. To start, the variable table can be used to define your arrays and necessary variables.


These arrays can then be used in a user program to perform the necessary calculations. The variable ArrayTot is used to store the final value.

Further information on how to define arrays can be found in RMCTools help here: Arrays.