May 19, 2021 - Startup and Setup with Delta RMCs

Delta Applications Engineer David McNichol presents a step by step start up process with an RMC controller. Beginning with a bare, blank controller, David shows wiring power, inputs and outputs, then connects the controller to RMCTools to configure. Then it is time to make the first moves with the system. David also shows how to use differential pressure inputs to control force, and goes through the setup process for that configuration. No prior knowledge of RMCTools is required for this webinar.

01:12 Hydraulic demo system specifications
03:01 RMC75E controller specifications
05:41 Power the controller
06:43 Connecting output to the valve
08:10 Connecting input - SSI position
10:20 Connect controller to computer
11:36 Axis configuration - RMCTools
16:22 Test output
21:03 Configure input - RMCTools
24:12 Set scale & offset
29:06 Set output bias
31:05 Tune the system - Tuning Wizard
40:03 Adding force control - system specifications
40:56 Change axis definitions
43:03 Wiring for pressure/force control
45:28 Configure force feedback - RMCTools
47:00 Set force scale & offset
49:50 Tune force control - Tuning Wizard
56:32 Summary

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