Mitsubishi FX3U and RMC75E Ethernet

I have a customer who would like to install an RMC75E and communicate with an FX3U over Ethernet. I have looked at the Mitsubishi Procedure Exist Ethernet protocol for the RMC. I understand that it “should” be possible to do but would feel much more comfortable knowing someone has a working system in place. Any information you could provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

Has anybody been able to get the FX3U communicating with the Delta Motion Controller over Ethernet? The example for the Q-Series does not work for the FX3U.

I found this in the on-line help below. There is a section in the RMCTools on-line help that explains how the header for the Ethernet packets must be formed. RMCTools on-line help and the link below at explain how to setup Ethernet communications. We don’t have examples for every PLC.

"The Mitsubishi Procedure Exist Ethernet protocol is for Mitsubishi’s Q-series QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module and the FX3U PLC. It requires RMC firmware 1.60 or newer.

The QJ71E71-100 and FX3U support several communication protocols. The one that matches the needs of the RMC is the Fixed Buffer communication with the “Procedure Exist” control method. It allows the Mitsubishi PLC to read and write binary data from an RMC over Ethernet. The RMC requires that the data sent via the Procedure Exist method is formatted as described in this topic. The Procedure Exist protocol is described in chapter 7 of the Q Corresponding Ethernet Interface Module User’s Manual (Basic). The manual part number is SH (NA)-080009-I. Search for 080009 on"