Hi group, does anyone have any experience interfaceing Mitsubishi PLC’s and HMI’s to an RMC150.

We have experience with using the Mitsubishi Q-series PLC with the RMC75 and RMC150. We have example Mitsubishi programs for the RMC75, but none for the RMC150. However, the RMC70 programs can be fairly easily modified for use with the RMC150. All you need to change in the ladder logic is the addresses for items in the RMC150.
The examples are located here:

For Ethernet communication with the Q-series PLC, use the QJ71E71-100 or QJ71MT91. I prefer the QJ71MT91, which does Modbus/TCP, since it requires less ladder logic than the QJ71E71-100.

For serial RS-232 communication with the Q-series PLC, use the QJ71C24N.

We do not have experience with the Mitsubishi HMIs, although I do understand that some of our customers have used them. I am not sure what protocuol they used. What protocols or PLCs do the Mitsuibishi HMIs support?

One of the first HMIs we ever interfaced with was a Mitsubishi HMI that used the Rockwell CSP to talk to our controller. We can support many protocols and the HMIs usually do too so there is usually an overlap of a few different protocols. It seems like everyone supports Modbus/TCP.