Modify I/O card layout without defaulting Axis definition

I was working on a RMC200 project recently where I had generated a program using CA4 output cards. Between the time the program was created and the hardware was installed, we changed to CV8 output cards instead, and the card order changed slightly. When I changed the card types, it deleted quite a few of my defined axes and defaulted the remaining ones.

Is there some way to not make the software auto-delete the axes configuration? Later on if I want to add another card I would rather not have to re-program my entire axis setup. It would be nice if the software worked similarly to Controllogix software, where you can change the card slot and the software makes the necessary updates in the background. On cards that are removed, perhaps instead of deleting the axes, there could be an “unassigned” field for the control output and feedback inputs and prompt the user to re-assign those values?

Or is there is something I am overlooking?

Unfortunately, changing modules will result in the problems you encountered. We do plan on changing it in the future so that it will be ‘unassigned’ as you mentioned. Your request increases the priority of this feature.