Multiple software revisions

Over the years our company has installed a couple different RMC motion controllers with different revisions of RMCTools software. The most recent is 4.18.4. The RMC200 I need to connect is running 4.13.x and I’m curious if the software is backwards compatible and can I run multiple versions on the same PC/laptop in a similar fashion to multiple revisions of RSLogix. If not how can I download older versions of RMCTools as the downloads page of the website only has 4.18.4 available.

Please advise.

Our software is backwards compatible so you should be just fine running the latest version! Here’s our release notes if you’d like to see what has changed: RMCTools Release Notes

Also if you do end up needing an older version of RMCTools contact and we’ll send what you need right over, you’ll be able to run multiple versions without issue.

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