MultiTurn Encoders

I would say once you have your position input scaled correctly you would setup the limits for end of travel. This can be done from the scale wizard.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I think I understand the question now. Your encoder is absolute SSI but it is mult-turn. Meaning it does not have a set number of turns. So it is really just absolute within one rev. I don’t think I have a solution for your problem. I am using SSI encoders but they are the linear type. So I know the position on start up. Do you have the option of going to a linear SSI encoder? I am currently using a RMC70 with a quad input. I have a Yaskawa drive that has a motor with an abosolute encoder. The drive has a battery and keeps track of the motor position when power is off. When power comes back on you make an input on the drive and it sends out a pulse train on the encoder ouput to the current position. I have not had time to try this but it could be another option.

Mutiturn encoders typically use 12 or 13 bits to keep track of partial turns. This means to find the number of turns you just need to shifth the counts right

turns:=Shr(Counts,13) ;

In some cases you may want to use a count offset


In these examples I am assuming that there are 13 bits that indicate the position with a turn.