Need Help on design of Close loop control of Winch System

Need help on coming up with with control for Winch /Hoist stand. Any example to refer will be more help full. I have Yaskawa Servo Amplifier and DM (QA and AP2) Module.

We do not design winch systems here but our controller has been used in some significant winch projects.
I can tell you the basics.
The first is safety. There must be a way of stopping the load from falling when stuff happens like a power failure or leak.
This usually includes some sort of brake or ratchets system.
The physics are are simple. You need to know the load being lifted and the velocity at which is it going to move.
The torque required is rotational_inertiaangular acceleration of the rotating parts+the load forceradius of the winch. This is basic freshman in college physics.
The power required is the torque*angular_velocity.

BTW, the is picture of raising a section of the New Bay Bridge in San Fransico bay. 3 winches had to be synchronized. A RMC100 was used for this.