New rev.

I just updated my RMC revision, I put a new valve on a system and re-tuned. The auto-tune works much better with the new rev. I would love to see a sync auto-tune so all synced axes will move while tuning 1 axis.

We streamed lined the auto tune to make it much easier to use. I was in the field tuning some difficult axes and I too was impressed but I came away with four more suggestions as to how to make it better still.

As for tuning multiple axes at the same time, that is very risky because if they are linked together and don’t move together the system will bind an possibly damage equipment. It could be done but we don’t want to be responsible. You can make a small user program that does he same thing as our excitation. It would need to generate identical open loop control signals to the two axes at the same time and you would need to hope they move together and not bind. The skew between the two axes would need to be constantly checked and if the skew got to be two great the axis must be stop, together. Do you want to take that chance? It is a matter of risk. What if the two actuator must move together but they are not of the same size? Then what? Believe me we have talked about it.

For sure. You make me accept tuning at the get go. I need tunning with all axes moving.