November 12, 2020 - Using Curves

Delta’s Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso discusses the flexibility provided by the Curve Tool. There are a number of different ways this tool can be applied. There is a discussion of the commands within RCMTools specific to curves, as well as the technical limits and requirements for using them. The presentation covers some possible ways the Curve Tool can be applied in different motion and even non-motion scenarios.

00:50 Introduction
01:29 Examples & Applications
04:25 Creating curves
10:29 Running curves
14:19 Camming to curves
21:03 Absolute, Relative, Scale, & Offset
34:47 Curves, Force Control, & Force Limiting
39:35 Curve Add command & example
48:34 Valve linearization using curves
51:12 Expressions with curves, cycle index
1:03:26 2D Motion

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