October 14, 2020 - Axis Synchronization & Gearing

Delta Application Engineer David McNichol presents some of the powerful features of the RMC motion controllers, axis synchronization and axis gearing. The ability to easily synchronize the movement of multiple actuators, or to gear the motion of certain actuators to other actuators at user-defined ratios in an easy-to-use format sets the RMCs apart from the majority of motion control products. RMCs can synchronize and coordinate motion between different kinds of actuators - for example, a servo-electric motor and a servo-hydraulic cylinder or cylinders. This webinar presents the different pre-programmed commands for synchronization and gearing, and the different approaches depending on the desired motion.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:12:24 Basic Gearing Setup
00:21:58 Gearing to Curves (Camming)
00:27:20 Clutching
00:30:29 Flying Shear Example
00:42:50 Press Example

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