Plot data

I had a few problems with plots yesterday. It seems like RMCTools is not getting the data from the controller. When I move through the plot i see gaps in the data and the hair line jumps. Also at the top of the screen I see little blue lines. Do these lines show the updates from the controller? I had several things running on the computer so it could be a speed problem on the computer.

upload_plot.rmcplots (388 KB)

Yes, each blue tick mark represents a valid data sample. If gaps are missing that means the communications was not able to keep up. If you were connected via Ethernet, it probably means that the network traffic was extremely heavy.

We have had this problem when connected via USB and. Using the Trend feature. It seems like when we use the Capture /trigger / upload method we get all the data because it is buffered in the RMC and then sent over.

Is this correct, that using this method will get all the points?

Yes, if you use the Capture method in RMCTools, then all the data will be captured.
When trending, the data rate may be limited by the communication channel. Usually, Ethernet is the fastest. If the network load is not too high, it will typically get all the data without gaps.