Position Setpoint,Position Feedback(Velocity & Force Limits)

Regarding following Delta, Motion Control - controller and modules used,

  1. RMC75E (CPU) +
  2. AA1 (Axis Module) +
  3. AP2 (Exp #1)


  1. RMC75E Controller to run the configured and deployed PID program independently, based on the Setpoint and limits provided via Modbus/TCP
  2. PID Control Loop requirement
    Position = 0 – 30 in
    Velocity = +/- 10 in/sec
    Force= 0 – 1000 lb

Following will be set via Modbus/TCP to activate the PID
Position Setpoint= 5 in
Velocity Limit= 1 in/sec
Torque Limit= 5 lb

Physical channels AA1 (Axis Module) AP2 (Exp #1)
AO=AA1 - “Axis” connector
AI= AA1 - “Axis” connector………………Force Feedback

Physical channels AP2 (Exp #1)
AI= AP2 (exp#1) - “Input 0”………………Position PRIMARY Feedback
AI= AP2 (exp#1) - “Input 1”………………Velocity Feedback


  1. The first and basic question for me is how do I configure the Axis Definition
    Right now I have configured as below,

  1. The second question as of now is whether I can communicate RMC75E connectivity through Ethernet VIA Modbus/RTU

Did you figure this out yet? I noticed no one has replied yet.

Do you really have both position and velocity feedback from the motor, in addition to force? Is the position a linear position or rotary position? Typically, the RMC just uses a position feedback, and it calculates velocities from that, so it is not necessary to have a separate velocity feedback.

If you need to control both position and force with the same actuator, we typically use a dual-loop axis with position as primary and force as secondary.

The RMC75E supports Modbus/TCP. Modbus/RTU is serial, and there are converters available from Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU. See the Lantronix device on this page: [url]RMC150E and Serial RS-232 Communications].