Pressure Autotune

I just started using the new pressure autotune. It took me a few minutes because I was trying to select the plot when it appears to take the last plot uploaded. I also had my P gain to low to start and had to make some big jumps before I got it to start moving. Once I got a pressure ramp setup on the buttons things moved along very well. It took me maybe 10-15 minutes from start to finish to get it where I thought it was good. I don’t use pressure mode much but I do use pressure limit. When I started running my normal cycle with a pressure limit I got a lot of oscillations. So I backed my tuning down some and it smoothed out. I think this could be a common problem at least for me. Even on the position tuning I can set the gains to high and they look good while tuning but still need some fine tuning when I put it in the cycle. So I think this will just take some time to learn how far I can go with it. Over all the pressure autotune works very well.

I like the interface changes that you guys have done. Most of my work is done on a 15" monitor or on a smaller laptop so screen space is a premium. One thing that I would like to see different is the renaming of plots. It seems like sometimes I can click on the name and changes it and sometimes I can’t. I think if you could right click on the name and select “rename” that would be much easier.

Thanks for the feedback!

You can also tune using an existing plot. That is, once the machine is running in the cycle, upload the plot, and the Tuning Wizard can use that plot to calculate a new model, which may give better gains than the ones from the initial autotuning.

In the next release, we will have some improvements to the “Tune Using Existing Plots,” including a plot preview when selecting plots from the list. I’ll see if we can’t add the right-clicking to change the name of plots in the plot history.


Regarding your point about renaming plots, notice that you can consistently rename a plot by selecting it in the Plot History and pressing F2. I realize that this should be on the main menu and on a shortcut menu, but we haven’t got around to doing so.