Program Trigger on DINT Bit

I’d like to trigger a program or several programs to run based on a DINT bit value. If a specific bit within the DINT is true, execute program A, bit 2 execute program B.

Can this be done? If so how? I can’t seem to make a valid Condition.

If you can use a DWORD instead of a DINT it is very easy. In the variable table, you can give a name to each bit in a DWORD and then use the bit to trigger a program in the Program Triggers.

For instance, if you define a DWORD named CMD_WORD with the first bit named PGM_A then you can use the condition CMD_WORD.PGM_A as a condition in the Program Triggers. When the bit goes from false to true, the condition is met.

The DINT and DWORD are both 32 bit correct?

Yes, both are 32 bit.