Programming Upload error

Hi All,

I am trying to upload programs from controller to the PC but could not able to download due to version different. The program on the controller done from the old version and PC have a newer version. While I tried to upload it giving me a message saying “This version of RMCTools is newer than the version used to create the RMC Project and contains some changes to the programming”. Is that makes any difference in the program if I try to download after controller replacement.


This typically happens when you use a newer RMCTools version. It should be safe to re-download the programming.

-Jacob Paso

Thank you Jacob. Can you please share some information on How we tune RMC controller?

Sorry for the slow reply, but there are a couple tuning videos here that can be helpful:

Jacob, I’m currently tasked with tuning a servo valve axis that has a lot of chatter on the actual force. I was provided a copy of the RMC150 program that was supposedly the one in the controller. I got the same exact error when I went to upload. Currently, This sintering press works, but is overheating. The hydraulic engineer believes it to be related to this chatter.

My experience with PLCs has alarm bells going off when I see that I am supposed to download to something that I don’t have an upload saved as a backup to fall back on. The error message seems intentionally vague in its wording, and leaves me with less than 100% confidence that this machine will still work when I leave here today. Is there a way to learn which version was used to write the program currently in the controller, and get a non-scary upload, before I attempt to tune?

When you say the “It should be safe to re-download the programming”, what would be the things that give doubt to that? I can either be a hero or a zero today.

Thanks in advance.

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