Pulse Train signal converters

This topic lists possible converters for pulse signals (aka frequency signals) that the RMC cannot directly interface with, such as pulse trains and step and direction.

The RMC200 can directly interface with pulse trains directly via the D24 and Q4 modules. For clock/direction or step/direction signals, use a converter.
The RMC75 and RMC150 cannot directly interface with pulse trains or clock/direction or step/direction signals. A converter must be used for these.

There are two main options: Convert to voltage or convert to quadrature A and B signals.

Converting to Voltage
Here is a list of converters, although none have been verified by Delta:

Converting to Quadrature A an B Signals
The quadrature A and B signals must be differential to interface with the RMC75. Delta recommends using differential signals with the RMC150 Quad module as well, although it does support single-ended. The converters listed below have not been verified by Delta.

  • UTEX Scientific
    QC100 Quadrature Converter Board. http://www.utex.com, search for quadrature converter.
    Converts step and direction to quadrature. For a single pulse, tie the direct high or low, and just use the step.