QUAD Module Space Requirements


If anyone can give me an idea of the depth required by the Quadrature module and cabling attached to the front end, that would be great. I have the depth dimension for the actual module and know it’s about a 2" backshell on the cabling, but my current enclosure is only about 7" deep to the mounting plate. My configuration of the RMC150E requires 2 of the Quad modules, so four 25-pin cables total trying to route up or down.



If you get a 90 degree backshell, it should fit just fine.

Try 981-25RCE-ND at Digikey: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/norcomp-inc/981-025-130R121/981-25RCE-ND/1632180

Thanks Jacob.

That was my first instinct, but not having the cables and controller on hand yet didn’t give me a definite answer that just 90 degree back shells would fit well on those cables and solve the problem. I debated whether to buy the cables from Delta and change back shells, or just make our own.