Question about Negative Overtravel parameters

Mentioned in the help
“Note:This bit turns on only when exceeding the limit or attempting to go further past the limit. It will turn off if a command is issued that keeps the axis in the same place or moves it toward the limit.”

If the axis is outside the range of the negative limit,In this case, move the axis in the opposite direction,Will Negative Overtravel trigger?

Did a test, still report Negative Overtravel.I think it should not be triggered at this time because it is triggered in the opposite direction. I used instruction Open Loop Rate
Plot1.rmcplots (2.82 MB)

I tried it on my system, and the Overtravel error bit did turn off correctly when the axis was beyond the travel limit and I sent an Open Loop Rate command to move back toward the travel range. I can’t figure out what exactly is going on in your system. Perhaps if you attach both a plot and event log, that may help.