Racing and Delta

Ok bit sorry about being new and posting a lot. I/we all know Delta has found its way into racing. How great would it be to make a …fun park Nascar virtual race with delta control plots to give the real feel of the track. How would it be to to race at Dover and feel the drop at the corners. Wow. delta has a huge market in the future. Get your sales guys in order. You can be the king of fun motion.

The problem with fun is that it doesn’t really pay. It is good publicity but that is about it. Most systems are just one or two axes.

Simulating the drop and g force of a turn in racing is difficult. Motion platforms can only move so far so they can’t simulate g forces for long turns. Long being a fraction of a second. It is easier to simulate the centripetal forces and banking of the car. The trick will be finding a place to attach a 5th or perhaps 6th axis to the car to push the car out and away from the direction of the simulated turn. This would simulate the centripetal forces the car would experience and the roll forces but I don’t think it would excite people much. Having a good place to connect to the frame to apply force is important. It wouldn’t be good to damage the car body with sideways forces.