Read data from two RMCs with LabVIEW

Hello everyone,

We use two RMC75E and we want to read data from LabVIEW at the same time those RMCs. We use TCP protocol and the default port is 1324 both of them. We can not change the port. Is there any solution for this situation, how can i read data (plot, position etc.) at the same time from 2 RMC75E?


The LabVIEW examples allows you to set the IPAddress of each RMC. You should be able to use the same port for both RMCs.



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Thank you for your quick response. We know this and our IP adresses and We already change it. There is something wrong about it.

What part of your code doesn’t work?

…Delta offers free technical support. It may be easier to call in to resolve this issues. The # is 360-254-8688. If you ask for Paul, I can help you out.

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Can we talk at zoom or google meet? We can show our code, it is more efficient way i think.

I agree, showing code is more efficient. We can certainly join a Zoom meeting to help troubleshoot this.

To schedule the meeting, feel free and call or email us at