Reading the status of a discrete output in an HMI

I already emailed Jacob, but thought I’d post on here also. I would like to read the status of a discrete output on a DI/O module through labview, but am not sure how to do this. Do I use a get single bit? If so, what address do I look for? Thanks.

Yes, use a read single bit. The addresses are availble in the RMCTools help register map topics, but it’s a little cryptic, so I’ll put it in an easier form below. Note that for the address format, F23:0 means register file 23, element 0.

Read the btis in F23:0. Bit 0 is I/O point 0, bit 1 is I/O point 1, Bit 2 is I/O point 2, Bit 3 is I/O point 3, etc. The I/o point number is listed in the Discrete I/O Configuration.

Slot 0 outputs: F47:0
Slot 1 outputs: F47:1
Slot 2 outputs: F47:2
Slot 3 outputs: F47:3
Slot 4 outputs: F47:4
Slot 5 outputs: F47:5

Slot 0 inputs: F47:6
Slot 1 inputs: F47:7
Slot 2 inputs: F47:8
Slot 3 inputs: F47:9
Slot 4 inputs: F47:10
Slot 5 inputs: F47:11

The bits in each register correspond to the input or output point. For example, the CPU outputs are F47:1,bit 0 and F47:1,bit 1.