record and export

We are looking at a project which will result in a multitude of plots of a single axis. I have been researching the RMC Tools training manual about viewing plots, capture mode, and trend mode. We are looking at potentially thousands of plots in a day. I have not found any information on how to set up an automatic export of plots as they are generated.

Is there a method for automatically exporting this data from our RMC75E through the ethernet or USB?

Perhaps a software program already exists to interface between RMC plot manager and a data logger?
Still searching…

You can interface the RMC controllers with Labview or you can use .NET programs to interface with the RMC
Have a look here: … mclink.php

Someone from Delta will likely chime in soon as well.

I have only used the .NET interface for demo purposes but it seems very easy and robust.

Delta’s RMCLink .Net Assembkly and Active X Control comes with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet example that automatically uploads each new plot from the RMC75E (from a single plot configuration) and saves it. Each plot is saved in a format that can be opened by the RMCTools Plot Manager. I think this will do exactly what you are asking for.

Afer installing RMCLink (, in the Windows Start menu, in the All Programs, there will be an RMCLink section with a link to the examples. The example I mentioned is in the VBA folder.

Good information. Thanks!