Redundant/Custom Feedback

Redundant feedback can be implemented in the RMC by using Custom Feedback. When the controller detects that one transducer has problems, it can immediately switch to another feedback on the fly, even in the middle of motion. The user has the flexibility to program the logic that determines which feedback should be used, making redundancy using any number of transducers possible.

Attached is an example project that demonstrates redundant feedback. This involves creating a user program that calculates a custom feedback value each loop time, using one of selected feedback devices. Therefore, you should make sure that the RMC starts in RUN mode and that the user program will always run.

The attached project, together with the Redundant Feedback topic in RMCTools, will get you up and going quickly.

Custom Feedback requires firmware version 3.54.0 or newer.
RedundantFeedback.rmcproj (41.4 KB)

Custom Feedback can be used for many other applications such as:

  • Controlling to the sum, difference, or average of feedback devices such as position or force
  • Switching feedback
  • Feedback linearization
  • Redundant feedback
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