Rejected IP address

I’m not sure where I shoud have posted this question.
I can’t post questions from my work, our IP gets rejected. Something like we are trolls. I get a link to the reason. Something about a cooking class.
Looks like someone here at my work place went off online? What wan I do about this. By the time I get home to post its late.


I can’t find any information in our forum settings or logs about there being any blocked IP addresses. If you are still having trouble with this, could you take a screenshot of the message you see and post it here, or email it to me at


Tomorrow at work i will capture the screen the come home and post it.

This is what I get

This is where it came from.
Our IT says this IP is in our range but not our IP.

I disabled checking against that spam database, so you should be able to post now.