Replacing a Tempo Rod

We had to replace a Tempo Rod in the middle of the night. Had some difficulty recalling previous training. Is there a simple guide for some reminders that could help in this situation? RMC150

When replacing a rod, you need to re-run the Scale and Offset Wizard on that axis, download the axis parameters and update Flash. You may also need more effort to set the Offset correctly, if you can’t measure it precisely enough when running the wizard. This would typically consist of determining what the position of the axis should be at some position, sending the Set Actual Position command while the axis is at that position, then uploading the axis parameters (upload because the command changes it in the RMC but not in the project) and updating Flash. Or, you could send the Offset Position command instead of the Set Actual Position command if you know how much the position needs to change.

I can’t think of any place where this is specifically spelled out for a position sensor replacment.

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