Resolvers (rotary electrical transformers)

Resolvers have a wide range of specifications, and the RMC100 and RMC150 will work with many, but not all of them. You must check the specifications before ordering.
There are several resolver manufacturers, and several additional suppliers of relabeled resolvers. Any resolver that is compatible with our published specifications should work with the RMC. At Delta we have used resolvers from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)

At the time of this writing (September 2010) the Resolver module for the RMC100 amd RMC150 supports the following range of resolvers:

  • Reference Frequency: 800Hz to 5kHz
  • Reference Transformation Ratio: 0.42 to 1.41

Delta can customize the RMC100 and RMC150 resolver module for other frequencies and transformation ratios. Contact Delta for details.

The resolver module will provide a resolution of 14 or 16 bits per revolution. The RMC supports the following maximum speed and accelerations based on the resolution selected by the user:

  • Max Speed

    *14 bits: 3000 RPM

    • 16 bits: 600 RPM
  • Max Acceleration

    • 14 bits: 1200 RPS per second
    • 16 bits: 60 RPS per second

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