RMC150E vs RMC151E


Good day.

Would like to ask your help if the connection of D I/O is the same as U I/O?


  1. Is INPUT 0 of D I/O = to D I/O Out Cmn of U I/O?
  2. Is OUTPUT 0 and 1 of D I/O = to ANALOG +In 0 jump for 4-20mA of U I/O

Because we are setting up a connection for our system.

We are copying the connection of our homesite.

But unfortunately when I checked our unit is different to them.

Ours is the U I/O while our homesite is D I/O.

I want to make sure first before making any connections

Hoping for your response.

thank you

Hi Mike,

The U I/O and D I/O are not pin-for-pin compatible. The D I/O module only supports discrete inputs and outputs (think on or off) while the U I/O also supports analog and high speed inputs.

Feel free and call Delta Motion @ 360-254-8688 for further clarification. Delta Motion offers free technical support via phone and email (support@deltamotion.com).